CFW Podcast: Dangerous Purity Culture Messages

April 13, 2018

Welcome back to Christian Feminism Weekly podcast with Ashley and Charlie!

Charlie and I are chatting about "purity culture". We have no issue with people choosing to save sex for marriage but some of the messaging coming from the church is dangerous.

"It really didn't make sense because in one breath they tell us that it is natural for boys to lust after us [girls] and in the next they tell us that it's our fault that the boys are lusting after us." -Charlie

"I think a lot of these purity culture ideas come down to men being able to regulate women's bodies, regulate women's actions because of the insecurities that some men have... there is an emphasis on supposedly "cubing" men's lust, over women just being comfortable." -Ashley


CFW Podcast: Journeying to Egalitarianism with Sierra White

April 4, 2018

Welcome back to Christian Feminism Weekly podcast!

Charlie and I had the honor of spending an evening chatting with Sierra White founder of the overnight success, Ezer Rising. Join us as we talk about her journey to egalitarianism, launching Ezer Rising, coming to grips with purity culture, and more!

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Domestic Violence, Gun Violence, and Sunday Sermons

March 28, 2018

Welcome back to Christian Feminism Weekly podcast!

This week we have a special interview with Jenna Barnett Sojourners' Women and Girl's Campaign. We chat about gun violence, it's connection to domestic violence, and more!

"Definitely, I'm seeing the connection between domestic violence and gun violence, and I think many people are. A majority of mass shootings between 2009 and 2016 involved a domestic or family violence... When Time [Magazine] dove into that statistic they found that of the 46 mass shootings that took place entirely in the public eye since 2009, 33% of the shooters have a reported history of violence against women. With the Southerland Church shooting being the most recent and visible example of that.

There should be nothing about violence against women that is partisan. And if anyone tries to make you think, so that is a dirty political trick." -Jenna Barnett

Sojourners is also launching a new project called 100 Sermon where Jenna is collecting 100 sermons on the topic of abuse. 

"Starting in January 2018, we began calling for 100 sermons against domestic and sexual violence. Sixty-five percent of pastors say they speak once a year or less about sexual and domestic violence, with 1 in 10 never addressing it at all. Every pastor should denounce this violence. We want to celebrate the churches who are speaking out against domestic and sexual violence from the pulpit. Once Sojourners collects 100 sermons, we will prominently spotlight the sermons on our website alongside resources for combatting domestic and sexual violence in faith spaces. We hope these 100 sermons will inspire hundreds of other churches to end the silence on domestic and sexual violence."

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Subtle Sexism

March 23, 2018

Welcome back to Christian Feminism Weekly with Ashley and Charlie!

We are excited to present you with season 3 of CFW!

Today we will be talking about Subtle Sexism, words, comments, and scenarios we have experienced.


Resources For Christian Feminists

March 22, 2017

Welcome back to Christian Feminism Weekly with Ashley and Charlie!

It’s kind of crazy. This is the last episode in season 2 but we don’t want to leave you hanging during the break so today we are going to give you some of our favorite Christian Feminist resources to check out during the off season!


Resource List:

Emily Nielsen Jones

Kelly Ladd Bishop

Cindy Brandt

Carolyn Custis James

Mimi Haddad

Charlie Olivia

Sarah Bessey

Jory Micah

The Thistlette

Sierra White

Ashley Easter 

Articles Mentioned: 

Men, Submit to Women in the Home & Church (Part 1) 

Why the Church Wants to Talk about Sex Trafficking, but Not Domestic Violence 

When Will the Southern Baptist Convention Apologize to Women? 


Interview with Leah Ross

March 14, 2017

This week, we are so excited to have writer, egalitarian, and advocate, Leah Ross on the show! Tune in as Leah talks to us about intersectional feminism, her favorite women of the Bible, a popular article of hers, and more! 

 "Jesus didn't just come to give us eternal life, but He came to give us abundant life right now on this earth. I believe that deeply enmeshed in the Gospel is the idea that there is no hierarchy, there is no oppression, but we are free from sin and the effects of sin, but also free to be who God called us to be without question. I believe that egalitarian theology allows everyone to thrive and I think complementarian theology, this idea that God is working under some kind of hierarchy ... is very damaging not only between the relationships of men and women, but the worst part is that it really robs us of our full relationship with God."  

Notes and Sources: 

To My Black Complementarian Family by Leah Ross 

3 Simple Egalitarian Principles for Reading the Bible 

Does Male Headship Theology Dehumanize Women? (Part 1) 

Does Male Headship Theology Dehumanize Women? (Part 2) 


Interview with Mary DeMuth

March 7, 2017

Welcome back to Christian Feminism Weekly with Ashley and Charlie!

**Trigger Warning**

Today, we are welcoming author, blogger, speaker, and abuse victim advocate, Mary DeMuth to the show! Listen as we talk about her story of childhood sexual abuse and her journey to healing. We also ask about intimacy after abuse and hear Mary's take on surrounding yourself with other strong women.

"People who get married who have not been sexually abused, but they grew up in a Christian subculture, they're starting at 0 and suddenly they have to be at a 10. They have to be really excited about sex. But if you're starting at -28 [as a sexual abuse survivor], where you can't even see it as beautiful and all you can think of is violation, then it's very, very hard."

Notes: (podcast) (conference) (main site)

Not Marked (book)

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Three Traits to Watch Out for In a Guy

March 1, 2017

This week, Ashley and Charlie are talking about three traits to watch out for in a man. These traits, which at times may seem harmless, can lead to mental, emotional, and physical abuse. 

"This type of [controlling] behavior is really dangerous, and it is completely unacceptable, and it can lead to other problems including physical abuse. This is mental and emotional abuse by controlling, but it could also lead to physical abuse. If you are with someone or meet someone who has these traits, don't try to fix them, just run away from them."

Notes and Sources: 

Three Traits to Watch Out for In a Guy (Article) 

Wheel Of Power And Control

Wheel Of Equality



Interview With Feminist Asian Dad, Eugene Hung

February 22, 2017

Welcome back to Christian Feminism Weekly with Ashley and Charlie!

We’ve got another great interview planned for today! Please welcome the Feminist Asian Dad, Eugene Hung. We will be asking about his amazing presentation at Biola University on sexual assault. Eugene also shares his top three suggestions for men who want to end gender inequality and advice for dads who want to empower their daughters.

"Sexual assault, it's not just a women's issue, it's a human issue. It's an issue that demands a Christian response. If God wants us to be caring for folks who are oppressed, women and girls are oppressed by institutions, by societal structures and sexual assault is very much one of those things that is born out of this entrenched rape culture that's all over that I didn't see before." 


Eugene's talk on sexual assault at Biola U: What's A Man To Do

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Interview with Pastor Amber Picota

February 15, 2017

Hi everyone and welcome back to Christian Feminism Weekly with Ashley and Charlie. We are so excited to have pastor, author, and blogger, Amber Picota, on the show with us today!

Amber is going to be chatting about the challenges of being a female pastor, some of the assumptions people make about her, and she will also share about her vision for her new book, "God's Feminist Movement".


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