Interview with Margaret Mowczko

February 8, 2017

Welcome back to Christian Feminism Weekly with Ashley and Charlie!

Today, we have a special guest on the show, scholar, blogger, and egalitarian Margaret Mowczko! This woman is doing amazing work advancing gender equality through her in-depth scholarship on New Testament history.

"It's really important to look at the context of Ephesians 5 to work out what is actually being said... Pretty much all of Ephesians 5 is talking about love and how to live as Spirit-filled people. And being a leader, being someone in authority just doesn't come into it... I think the word "head" is used as being part of a head-body metaphor... because unity is what Paul is really hoping for." -Marg Mowczko

Notes and Sources: 

Towards Equality – Marg's Story 

Kephalē and “Male Headship” in Paul’s Letters
The Metaphorical Meanings of “Head” in Paul’s Letters

Extra Honour for Underdogs (1 Corinthians 12:12-31

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