Interview with Leah Ross

March 14, 2017

This week, we are so excited to have writer, egalitarian, and advocate, Leah Ross on the show! Tune in as Leah talks to us about intersectional feminism, her favorite women of the Bible, a popular article of hers, and more! 

 "Jesus didn't just come to give us eternal life, but He came to give us abundant life right now on this earth. I believe that deeply enmeshed in the Gospel is the idea that there is no hierarchy, there is no oppression, but we are free from sin and the effects of sin, but also free to be who God called us to be without question. I believe that egalitarian theology allows everyone to thrive and I think complementarian theology, this idea that God is working under some kind of hierarchy ... is very damaging not only between the relationships of men and women, but the worst part is that it really robs us of our full relationship with God."  

Notes and Sources: 

To My Black Complementarian Family by Leah Ross 

3 Simple Egalitarian Principles for Reading the Bible 

Does Male Headship Theology Dehumanize Women? (Part 1) 

Does Male Headship Theology Dehumanize Women? (Part 2) 


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